Top 5 Diverse Picture Books of 2023

We love to recommend diverse books for you to read all year long, but the votes are in and we want to share our list of absolute favorites of the year. Grab one of our Top 5 Diverse Picture Books of 2023 to give to one of the kids in your life before we ring in the new year.

Comment below with other books to help our readers diversify their bookshelf at home and in the classroom.

 Top 5 Diverse Picture Books of 2023  


Photo Description: Book Cover of THAT FLAG

An affecting picture book from Tameka Fryer Brown and #1 New York Timesbestselling illustrator Nikkolas Smith (The 1619 Project: Born on the Water) that challenges the meaning behind the still-waving Confederate flag through the friendship of two young girls who live across the street from each other.

Bianca is Keira’s best friend. At school, they are inseparable. But Keira questions their friendship when she learns more about the meaning of the Confederate flag hanging from Bianca’s front porch. Will the two friends be able to overlook their distinct understandings of the flag? Or will they reckon with the flag’s effect on yesterday and today?

In That Flag, Tameka Fryer Brown and Nikkolas Smith graciously tackle the issues of racism, the value of friendship, and the importance of understanding history so that we move forward together in a thought-provoking, stirring, yet ultimately tender tale.

A perfect conversation starter for the older and younger generations alike, this book includes back matter on the history of the Confederate flag and notes from the creators.


Photo Description: Book Cover of Hurry Kate, OR YOU’LL BE LATE

Written by Janice N. Harrington and Illustrated by Tiffany Rose
Published by Margaret Ferguson Books/Holiday House


Photo Description: Book Cover of JULIE AND THE MANGO TREE

Coupled with Sayada Ramdial’s bright and colorful artwork, Julie and the Mango Treeby Sadé Smith will have readers of all ages giggling–and craving a mango of their own!

Julie loves all kinds of fruit, but mangoes are her absolute favorite. One sticky summer afternoon, Julie goes to the big mango tree in her yard to ask for a snack.

But no matter how nicely she asks or how patient she tries to be, the tree just won’t drop a single sweet, juicy mango! Will Julie ever be able to convince the tree to let her have just a taste of her favorite treat?

Published by Feiwel & Friends/ Macmillan

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