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Join author and educational psychologist Dr. Jill Reed for Read Out Loud as she shares her picture book MALEKU’S GIFT, illustrated by Patricia Coester. Filled with breathing exercises to help young readers stay present and grounded, this is a sweet story of discovery and navigating the draw of screens and technology.

About the Book

Maleku is a young and curious monkey in the jungle of Costa Rica with a close connection to nature, unaware of the powerful tool she has in her own breath. Maleku finds a phone, left behind by a young visitor and she longs to explore the world she sees inside it. From place to place Maleku meets people, experiences wondrous sights and records her adventures. As she travels, the phone becomes more important than the places and faces, until she finds herself alone and sad, disconnected from herself and everything around her. When she puts the phone away, and breathes into her heart, she discovers her true mission.

About Dr. Jill Reed

Jill is a former higher education professional. She holds a doctorate from the University of Virginia in Educational Psychology with expertise in gifted education. Though she has taught undergrads, grads and teachers, her favorite classroom is kindergarten. A lifelong researcher who has presented data in more places than can be recalled, she now prefers surfing, playing tennis and running on jungle trails. She lives in Costa Rica with her wife, two boys and four dogs.

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