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Read Out Loud with Annesley Hackathorn SHENLEIGH O'DOODLE HALF GOLDEN, HALF POODLE

Join author and dog-lover Annesley Hackathorn for Read Out Loud as she shares the picture book she wrote about her own Goldendoodle, SHENLEIGH O’DOODLE HALF GOLDEN, HALF POODLE. Like different dog breeds, we all have different talents and characteristics that make us special. Share this story with young readers to help them find confidence in their abilities and the inner-strength needed to help others.

About the Book

Shenleigh O’Doodle is proud of her unique heritage, even though others doubt her abilities. When calamity arises at her daycare, Shenleigh sets out to prove that the talents she has inherited from her Poodle mom and Golden Retriever dad may be all she needs to save the day.

About Annesley Hackathorn

Annesley Magill Hackathorn, born in Ireland to spectacular supportive parents, grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and now lives in beautiful Virginia Beach, VA.

Annesley’s career as an elementary school guidance counselor enabled her to empower many students, guiding them to find confidence and strength in their differences. She believes we all should use our uniqueness and diversity to accomplish incredible things and follow our dreams. We all have special talents!

An avid dog lover, Annesley has owned, loved. rescued, and trained a multitude of dogs. She became fascinated with the Goldendoodle, a unique blend of Standard Poodle and Golden Retriever. Shenleigh O’Doodle, her BEST DOG EVER, was born in 2003, the first puppy from Virginia Beach Goldendoodles where Annesley continues to breed these top-quality dogs.  #virginiabeachgoldendoodles

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