Book Trailer Premiere! DANCING THROUGH SPACE

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Book Trailer Premiere! DANCING THROUGH SPACE
KidLit TV is honored to PREMIERE the Book Trailer for
Written by Lydia Lukidis and illustrated by Sawyer Cloud



The true story of Dr. Mae Jemison, whose lifelong passions of science and dance prepared her to become a trailblazing astronaut.

Today, Dr. Mae Jemison is famous for being the first Black woman to travel into outer space. But when she was growing up, she felt torn between two passions: science and dance. It seemed like an impossible choice. There had to be some way to make room for both―and Mae found one. As an adult, she combined her gifts of scientific logic and artistic creativity and became an astronaut.

About Lydia Lukidis

Lydia Lukidis is the author of 50+ trade and educational books for children. Her passion for reading and writing began at a very young age, when she was a voracious reader and composed poem after poem in her journals. At the same time, her deep curiosity also prompted her to study science, and she eventually acquired a College degree in Pure and Applied Science. She later acquired her Bachelor degree in English Literature from McGill University and her love for the written word continued to grow.

Today, her passions of writing and science have merged together. She now integrates her studies in science and her everlasting curiosity into her books. She’s especially fond of writing books with stimulating STEM topics, while keeping the text accessible and engaging for young readers. She also continues writing fiction and poetry.

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About Sawyer Cloud

I’m Sawyer Cloud, an artist based in Madagascar, my birth country. I’m a passionate and dedicated illustrator specializing in children’s book, my all-time favorite job !

Though I didn’t have the chance to study in a proper art school, I’ve done a lot of researches around illustration and the publishing industry before leaving my position as a first-grade teacher to focus exclusively on my art. Thanks to the internet, I managed to build a reputable “online career” from 2018 and got represented in 2020 from a notorious agency specializing in children’s books.

So far, I’ve worked on more than 30 books published around the World and have collaborated with most of the major traditional publishers in children’s literature including Penguin Randomn House, MacMillan, Sourcebooks, Quarto, Harper Collins, MacMillan and others.

Besides some best-selling titles, I’ve also won few rewards for some of the books I’ve worked on including the title of “Best Historical book 2022” by Black Kidlit Awards for The Juneteenth Story (Quarto) and the title of “Oustanding Book Award” by NABJ for A Family Looks Like Love (Penguin Randomn House) on December 2022.

Today I still live in Madagascar with my family and I dream of traveling around the World.

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