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Ready Set Draw! A Blackpoll Warbler with Fred Koehler GARBAGE ISLAND

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Ready Set Draw! LEARN HOW TO DRAW the Blackpoll Warbler from GARBAGE ISLAND by Fred Koehler

Get ready to go on a high seas adventure with author/illustrator Fred Koehler on Ready Set Draw! Learn to draw the Blackpoll Warbler bird, one of the animals who gets trapped on the Great Pacific garbage patch in Fred’s new book, GARBAGE ISLAND.  All you need is a pen or pencil, some paper, and your imagination to draw along with Fred, so get creating — and don’t forget to share what you make with us using #ReadySetDraw!

For this Art Tutorial you’ll need:
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Marker
We’d love to add your artwork to the Ready Set Draw Art Gallery!

Post your art using the hashtag #ReadySetDraw on Threads, Facebook, Instagram,
or Twitter so we can find you!
We can’t wait to see what you’ve made!


ABOUT the Book

Two opposites lost at sea discover the power of bravery, creativity, and friendship in this action-packed middle-grade adventure for fans of Stuart Little and Poppy

Mr. Popli, the mouse Mayor of Garbage Island, is always at odds with Archibald Shrew, a brilliant but reckless inventor. When Garbage Island splits apart, they’re trapped together in Mr. Popli’s houseboat, desperate to find their way home. At first, they only argue, but when they face a perilous thunderstorm and a series of predators, they begin to work together and recognize—in themselves and in each other—strengths they didn’t know they had.


Fred Koehler is an artist and writer whose real-life misadventures include sunken boats, illegal border crossings, and fighting off robbers in the dead of night. Whether free diving in the Gulf of Mexico or backpacking across Africa, Fred’s sense of adventure and awe of nature overflow into his characters’ stories. Fred is passionate about encouraging young artists, promoting social justice, and conserving our environment. He lives in Florida with his wife, kids, and a rescue dog named Cheerio Mutt-Face McChubbybutt.

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