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by Marlo Garnsworthy and Kara Hagedorn


An injured red-tailed hawk can no longer fly free, but her instinct to become a mother is so strong that she adopts and raises two abandoned red-shouldered hawks in this true and heartwarming story of interspecies friendship.


“Hawk Mother (2017) featured Sunshine, a red-tailed hawk injured by hunters and cared for by Hagedorn, who watched the bird adopt two baby chickens and raise them as her own. In this sequel, Hagedorn takes two fertile eggs rescued from a red-shouldered hawk’s nest and places them in Sunshine’s nest. After they hatch, their foster mother cares for them attentively, while Hagedorn avoids contact with them, a precaution that may save their lives after they’re released into the wild. The chicks watch Sunshine intently, following her example and learning survival skills. Initially, they mimic her clucking sounds, but later they will vocalize like other red-shouldered hawks. The story follows the young birds into adulthood when they fly away, but they occasionally return. Animal lovers will be captivated by their first sight of a soft, fuzzy light-gray chick standing beside its sibling’s eggs as if waiting for it to hatch. The text offers information within the context of a true story, illustrated with one or more color photos on each page, while additional reflections appear in the back matter.”

“Zoologist, Kara Hagedorn (Hawk Mother: The Story of a Red-tailed Hawk Who Hatched Chickens) shares another story of cross-species adoption, in this stunning nonfiction title. “One spring morning, my phone rings. Someone has cut down a tree with a nest containing two red-tailed hawk eggs. ‘Will Sunshine adopt them?’ asks the wildlife rehabilitator.” And so begins the story of how Sunshine, a red-tailed hawk who has been unable to fly since being shot many years ago, once again becomes a surrogate mother. Told in first person, Hagedorn shares every step in the raising of the chicks. From Sunshine feeding the newly hatched chicks, Bella and Romeo, to teaching them how to hunt. Beautiful, color photos that show the process of Sunshine raising these two chicks, which turn out to be red-shouldered hawks, is very exciting. Over several weeks the chicks grow until one day, Kara decides it is time for them to leave the safety of the aviary. ‘I decide today is the day for them to leave. I take Sunshine out of her aviary so she can watch. Then, heart beating, I open the aviary door.’ Included is an author’s note explaining who Kara is and how she came to adopt Sunshine, more information about hawks, and a glossary. An important book to share when explaining the importance of how to be mindful of nature, and the growth cycle of raptors.”
—Nonfiction Detectives

“A fun and memorable read from start to finish, Hawk Mother Returns will prove a welcome and popular addition to family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library wildlife themed picture book collections for children ages 5-9.”
—Midwest Book Review

ABOUT Marlo Garnsworthy

Marlo Garnsworthy is an Australian-American author, illustrator, editor, and science communicator. Her published works include fiction and nonfiction. Her recent books include Bristlecone: The Secret Life of the World’s Oldest Tree, which she illustrated, and Pika Country: Climate Change at the Top of the World, which she coauthored. Marlo is the veteran of two scientific research expeditions in Antarctica and is a passionate advocate for polar and ocean science. Marlo lives in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. To find out more about Marlo and her books, visit

ABOUT Kara Hagedorn

Kara Hagedorn’s first book, Hawk Mother: The Story of a Red-tailed Hawk Who Hatched Chickens chronicled her experience co-raising two chickens with Sunshine the hawk. Kara has a degree in zoology, and has worked as a wildlife biologist for Cornell University, Morro Bay National Estuary Program, Topaz Solar Farm and New York State Parks, where she was also a naturalist and environmental educator. Kara lives on a farm in Santa Margarita, California.
To learn more about Kara and Sunshine, visit

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