KidLit RADIO: StoryMakers with Joy Resor DESIGNED TO SHINE

Shining means sharing our unique sets of talents with the world — whether it’s being able to balance books on top of your head, like Rocco, or reading poetry while hula-hooping, like our guest on StoryMakers, author of DESIGNED TO SHINE: READ ALOUD RHYMES FOR ANY SIZE HEART, poet Joy Resor! Watch and then share what makes you special in the comments below.

About the Book

Open any page of Designed to SHINE! for a rhyme with art for your heart.

Topics will lead you and your loved ones into fun, laughter and joy…and onto the dance floor! You’ll receive ideas to pay attention in new ways, reminders about kindness and so much more in this alphabetical treasure.

This is a book, a guide and a gentle teacher all at once.

It’s a book for you, your child or your inner child…about loving who we are to shine in the world.

WATCH Joy Resor’s StoryMakers

StoryMakers with Joy Resor DESIGNED TO SHINE

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