KidLit RADIO: StoryMakers with Lori Butierries GIFT FROM GOD

Aloha! Did you know the word “aloha” is more than a simple greeting? It also means love, affection, peace, compassion, and mercy. Join author Lori Butierries for StoryMakers from Hawaii as she shares the story of her beautiful picture book, GIFT FROM GOD. It’s a story that centers around those core elements of a mother’s love as she parents a child with a disability.

Lori reminds us we are all different. Watch StoryMakers, then tell us what makes you uniquely you in the comments.

About the Book

All mothers dream of the best for their unborn children, but what happens when life doesn’t go to plan?

In GIFT FROM GOD, an expectant mother learns that her child won’t be born as healthy as others, so she must change her plans and outlook on life. Told through the mother’s loving words, with the help of poignant but straightforward illustrations, GIFT FROM GOD touches on the sensitive subject of raising a child with a disability through one mother’s story of embracing the unexpected and living life with her child to the fullest.

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WATCH StoryMakers with Lori Butierries
StoryMakers with Lori Butierries GIFT FROM GOD

About Lori Butierries

Lori Butierries is a full-time caregiver to two children with disabilities, one child being terminally ill. She uses her life experiences and the medical knowledge she gained while serving as a Hospital Corpsman in the United States Navy to help others facing similar hardships.

Lori focuses primarily on advocating for and educating others about the disabled, mental health, and veterans communities. Her long-term goal is to reduce the stigma associated with disability by talking about it with people of all ages.

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