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StoryMakers with Kerry Aradhya ERNŐ RUBIK AND HIS MAGIC CUBE

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StoryMakers with Kerry Aradhya ERNŐ RUBIK AND HIS MAGIC CUBE KidLit TV

Have you ever tried to solve a Rubik’s Cube? How far did you get? On StoryMakers Rocco chats with Kerry Aradhya, author of the new picture book biography, ERNŐ RUBIK AND HIS MAGIC CUBE, all about the inventor of this fun, frustrating, mind-bender of a puzzle. Watch to get Kerry’s Top 5 Facts about the Rubik’s Cube, learn about other kinds of shape puzzles, and how the first ever Rubik’s Cube was created!

The Rubik’s Cube celebrates it’s 50th Anniversary in 2024! In that time, people have solved the puzzle in weird and wonderful places around the world — even underwater!

Where is the next place someone should attempt to solve the puzzle? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


This picture book biography of Ernő Rubik, creator of the Rubik’s Cube, reveals the obsession, imagination, and engineering process behind the creation of this bestselling puzzle celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2024.

A solitary child, Ernő Rubik grew up in post-World War II Hungary, curious about puzzles, art, nature, and their underlying patterns and structures. As a professor of architecture, and in a quest to help his students understand three-dimensional objects and how they move, he fashioned a cube made up of smaller cubes that twisted and turned without breaking, unexpectedly inventing the most popular puzzle in history!


About Kerry Aradhya

I was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, where I spent much of my childhood dancing, tumbling, gazing at the stars, and reading. I also spent countless hours with a pen or pencil in hand, dreaming up stories and poems about the people, places, and things that inspired me. 

Despite my love of words, math and science were my strongest subjects in school. I majored in biology in college and studied cell and molecular biology in graduate school, where I realized I liked reading and writing about science more than actually “doing” science…so I became a science writer and editor! 

It was only after I married and had a family of my own that I began writing for children. The many hours I spent reading to my daughters reminded me of my own childhood and renewed my desire to write creatively. 


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Kid Lit TV Commenter Donna Lambo-Weidner

Wonderful interview Rocco, and what an interesting subject! Congratulations Kerry and Karra!


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