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StoryMakers with Lisa Katzenberger CROC & GATOR 1: SWAMP RANGER SCHOOL

StoryMakers with Lisa Katzenberger CROC & GATOR 1: SWAMP RANGER SCHOOL

Do you know how to tell the difference between a crocodile and an alligator? Find out with Rocco and Lisa Katzenberger, author of SWAMP RANGER SCHOOL, the first in the new CROC & GATOR chapter book series illustrated by Mike Ciccotello! Watch StoryMakers to find out about the unlikely friendship between CROC & GATOR in the story AND learn about the diverse ecosystem of animals that live in real swamps, along with how to join the National Park Service’s Junior Ranger Academy in parks across the country or online!


Croc & Gator 1: Swamp Ranger School by Lisa Katzenberger

The series launch of the Croc and Gator chapter book series, following the adventures of no-nonsense Croc and goofball Gator as junior rangers in their hometown swamp.  Printed entirely in green ink, these fun STEM-filled books are perfect for InvestiGators fans.

About Lisa Katzenberger

I have been writing stories since I was a kid. Books have been a part of my life since my mom took me to our local library each week and let me roam around the children’s section, picking out whatever I wanted to read. I loved escaping into stories, and I still can’t believe I get to write them for kids now!

I am on the faculty of The Writing Barn where I teach picture book writing courses including Perfecting the Picture Book, Writing Social Emotional Learning Picture Books, and Write. Submit. Support.

I live near Chicago in La Grange, Illinois with my husband and two children.

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Interior from Croc & Gator 1: Swamp Ranger School.
Text © 2024 by Lisa Katzenberger. Illustrations © 2024 by Mike Ciccotello .
Used with permission from Pixel+Ink/Holiday House Publishing, Inc.
Copyright for cover: Courtesy of Pixel+Ink.

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