KidLit RADIO: StoryMakers with Awilda Prignano LOVING LULU

On StoryMakers, join author Awilda Prignano as she shares the personal story behind the writing of LOVING LULU / LULUAMOROSA, her tender book that celebrates the ways we can show love for family members who, like Lulu’s Abuelita, begin to have trouble remembering.

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About the Book

Join Lulu as she discovers the different ways there are to express and communicate love in what we see, hear and feel as we do things together.

This is a story about a little girl named Lulu who spends a lot of time with her Abuelita while her Mom is at work. Lulu’s days are filled with activities such as listening to music, learning to cook as well as learning how to speak Spanish. Sometimes, she is able to help Abuelita take care of the babies. As time passes, Lulu notices changes happening and things just don’t seem the same with Abuelita. Join Lulu as she discovers the different ways there are to express and communicate love to each other in what we see, hear and feel. The author’s hope is that in sharing this story, the lesson will be embraced by adults as well as children.

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StoryMakers with Awilda Prignano LOVING LULU / LULU AMOROSA

About Awilda Prignano

Born and raised in Chicago, Awilda has recently relocated to sunny Arizona where she earned her B.A. in English at Arizona State University. Awilda has always had a passion for writing and since childhood, dreamed of one day becoming a published writer. Her dream came true when she was published in the anthologies – Follow It Thru: Obstacles Equal Opportunities in June of 2017, The Real Journey of the Empowered MomBoss in February of 2018, and Your Shift Matters: Resistance to Resilience in November of 2018. Besides writing, Awilda enjoys traveling and exploring new places. Awilda engages very easily with everyone she meets, and her mission is to inspire through her storytelling, the values of love, kindness, and compassion for others.

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