Children Reading to Dogs

Recently, Rocky and I visited Pakenham Library to meet some children and the books they love to read.

Rocky is an eight year old Border collie. He Rocky lay quietly beside the children and listened as they read to him. Some children are reluctant to read out loud to someone because they fear they may be corrected. Dogs are non-judgemental. They don’t correct bad grammar or mispronounced words. For the most part, dogs are just happy to ‘be’. And, what better place to ‘be’ then next to a child offering comfort and support?

Rocky made the children feel really comfortable. Rocky didn’t move the whole time and at one point rested his head on a little boy’s arm. He also licked a little girl’s arm which made her laugh.

This is something you can try at home. Reading to a pet dog will increase your child’s confidence in their own ability and will also provide them with more opportunities to read more books. And as teachers and parents we all know the more books children can access the better! Your dog can be used to practise reading out loud before your child has to read to a parent or a teacher.

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