Collaborating on Character Development in Picture Books, An Illustrator’s POV

It’s a popular misconception that picture books are easy to write and illustrate. People who believe this are completely off the mark. One person writing and illustrating a children’s book is already difficult. A children’s book written by a separate author, and illustrator is even more challenging because it requires collaboration. Collaborating means you have to set your ego aside, make compromises, and be open to differing views.

In the latest installment of By Word of Beth’s “How to Make a Picture Book,” illustrator Lori Hanson explains how she collaborated with our founder Julie Gribble to create “Bubblegum Princess”.

The universal language of image bridges communication between author and illustrator within this creative process – just as the final story and images come across for our readers, when the finished copies reach their loving hearts, eyes and hands.

Get the full story at By Word of Beth.

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