Around the Written World in 30 Days

Have you been participating in #PiBoIdMo? Tracey Cox has and she’s sharing the journey with fellow authors via her blog! Picture Book Idea Month is coming to a close and if you’ve been participating, you’d have 26 new children’s book ideas as of today.

Cox has been keeping a short online journal each day as she participates in and reflects on PiBoIdMo:

Writing manuscripts is like taking a trip. We start with a Point A and a Point B. What we don’t take into consideration a lot of the time are the potholes, hills, valleys, mountains, and curves that lie in between. When writing, I have some that I have struggled with and thought I would never get right. Then I have had stories that seem to write themselves. Every story is its own adventure.

For more of Tracey’s notes from November’s PiBoIdMo, check out her blog here!

If you are participating in Picture Book Idea Month, we’d love to hear if you’ve been keeping up with the one-idea-a-day!

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