Heroes in stories | Asher Svidensky | TEDxUlaanbaatar

Heroes in stories | Asher Svidensky | TEDxUlaanbaatar

Photographer and storyteller, Asher Svidensky, shares what stories and heroes can do. Svidensky verbally shares short stories and what makes them compelling. Svidensky also shares his own storytelling process and how his project became an overnight sensation, changing many lives!

While in Mongolia, Asher Svidensky was shooting an artistic documentary on a centuries old tradition of Eagle Hunting. He interviewed and photographed a handful of children training to be Eagle Hunters. In the end, he was able to interview a young woman. His photos of her with her father’s eagle inspired thousands of people as well as a movie! Asher Svidensky knows how to dig and produce a fantastic story!

“Heros inspire us, make us follow our dreams or help us make our life just a little bit better.” – Asher Svidensky.

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