Picture Book Idea Month is a Go!

Are you all caught up with Picture Book Idea Month, otherwise known as PiBoIdMo. The annual event created by The Monstore author Tara Lazar has grown immensely over the years. Aspiring authors flock to the event for fun, to get their creative juices flowing, and win excellent prizes including feedback from literary agents, critiques from published authors, and a few more goodies!

The challenge is to create 30 picture book concepts in 30 days. You don’t have to write a manuscript (but you can if the mood strikes). You don’t need potential best-seller ideas.
You might think of a clever title. Or a name for a character. Or just a silly thing like “purple polka-dot pony.” The object is to heighten your picture-book-idea-generating senses. Ideas may build upon other ideas and your list of potential stories will grow stronger as the days pass.
Lazar just doesn’t let participants go at it alone. She’s recruited a host of fellow authors, illustrators, and publishing industry professionals to keep everyone motivated.
We’re happy you read this far … but registration is closed. However, you should definitely follow Tara’s blog, and the daily guest posts. Perhaps you’ll join in on the fun in November 2015?
By the way, Tara Lazar is one of our StoryMakers guests. Check out this sneak peek of her episode!
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