Survive Public Speaking with These 3 Tricks

If you’re like many writers, you like to sit curled up in a chair reading a book, or on your laptop editing a chapter. But more than ever, writers and illustrators must get out there and mingle with the public. This means public speaking! If the idea of this makes your knees knock, check out this article by best selling author, Rachel Amphlett.

In today’s market, visibility is huge. Somewhere between 600,000 and 1 million books were self-published last year IN THE US ALONE. For readers to know about our books, we’ve got to get out there and be seen. And that means book signings, school visits, library engagements, speaking at conferences, etc.

The first tip Amphlett shares is: Prepare Yourself. She gives practical advice on how to get prepared including reading an excerpt of your book – out loud. As the audience will probably want you to read a bit of it for them, you’ll want to practice doing this in advance.

For more of her simple tips, read the rest of the article at!

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