7 Distractions Stopping You From Writing (and How to Beat Them!)

If you love writing, what’s stopping you from getting it down on paper? Andy Mort shares the top reasons he believes authors are getting distracted and not getting to that happy place called ‘Having Written’ (a place where you can feel productive and accomplished!). We liked Mort’s #2 distraction:

2) Obsessing Over Routine

I also fall prey to Routine Envy. I love to read about the daily routines of my heroes, and spend a lot of time pondering ways to imitate them. Or at least I did, until I had a conversation with someone who was thinking of emulating MINE. It seemed ridiculous and at that point I realised that no one has the perfect routine; we all just experiment…

To read all 7 distractions, check them out on Positive Writer here!

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