Don’t Get Lost in Long Sentences!

From Business Writing:

When strangers write to me asking for help with their writing, the most common problem I see is long, complicated sentences.

Example: Lynn, please help me with my writing because I need to improve so I can advance to a supervisor position, which I would like to do but my writing is not professional enough yet and it is holding me back.

Long sentences are like labyrinths for readers. They challenge readers to use their wits to find their way to the end.

Yes, when reading essays, books, and novels, many people enjoy traveling through long, complex sentences with twists and turns that lead to a satisfying end. But in business writing, readers want a short, clear path to understanding.

Follow the tips below to break up long sentences so your readers do not get lost–and you don’t lose them. Then test your editing skills on four complicated sentences at the end of this post.

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