Writing Multiple POV Fiction

From Linda Clare:

My first consideration in a multiple POV story would be that no matter how many or how few, all the different narrators must contribute in an important way, to the Main Character’s journey, obstacle or goal. Some writers attempt multi-POV stories to “make it interesting.” But most of the time, this approach just gets readers confused or dilutes their sympathies for any one character. In general, the more characters in a story, the harder for readers to keep them straight, so it’s logical to say that more POVs might equal more confusion. Confused readers are often non-readers! Ask yourself what specific role each POV plays in your story. If possible, use composites of these different POVs so there are fewer changes for the reader. Kill off any narrator whose contribution mirrors or closely resembles another narrator’s part in the story. Strive for the least possible number of characters and POVs.

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