How to Make a Picture Book: Part 5

From Beth Stilborn‘s Blog:

Sharing your work when it’s not quite finished is a difficult thing to do. But at some point, you will have to do this. Agents and editors are used to seeing works-in-progress. Their goal is to make stories better. If you don’t have an agent or editor, there are other ways to get valuable feedback.

Lori Hanson and I shared our picture book dummy with parents, educators, kids, and colleagues. This I recommend doing. We were armed with a stack of dummy books and fortified with excitement about what we had accomplished. Perhaps to much excitement – we did a couple of things I wouldn’t recommend doing.

For that reason, there are two types of tips for this post: HEY, DO WHAT WE DID! and PLEASE DON’T DO WHAT WE DID!

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Image source Beth Stilborn.

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