The Top 10 Reading and Literacy Apps for Summer

Parents, are you concerned about keeping you kids reading over the summer this year? Are you afraid they will lose reading fluency momentum from the school year? If so, be sure to check out the list of The Top 10 Reading/Literacy Apps for Summer KidLit TV put together this year. Whether you’re looking for reading or writing apps, or even apps for Summer Reading, this list will surely have something to offer you.

1: Word Wizard
Word Wizard is a fantastic learning app for kids who are learning to read or wish to improve their reading skills. With the help of a talking alphabet board each of the alphabetical letters are pronounced when they’re chosen, along with combinations of the letters, syllables and complete words or even sentences. Every time a new letter is added to a word your kids will be able to hear, whether or not their letter combination is a bunch of gobbledygook or is useful.  For iPod/iPhone/iPad (Universal) – $2.99.

2: Monkey Word School Adventure

literacy apps for summer
Get ready to take your kids on a reading and writing adventure. The Monkey Word School Adventure app is full of fun, educational activities designed to teach young children the fundamental skills of literacy. The app consists of a collection of mini-games that introduce children to new words and concepts. In order for them to move onto the next level the app asks them to demonstrate the lesson. This app is recommended to any user ages 3 and up. iPhone and iPad – $1.99

4: Letter School
Letter School is an easy-to-use app designed to help young children learn letters and develop their handwriting skills. They will learn about capital and lowercase letters, as well as the basics of the numeral system. The app draws out the letters and visuals on-screen and has the users trace each outline. It is recommended for use with children ages 2-6. iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch – $4.99

5: Letris & Friends

literacy apps for summer
Letris & Friends is a word-puzzle app containing three unique mini-games in which to battle opponents. It is similar to the classic game Tetris, but has kids match up words, vowels and syllables instead of colored blocks. It is recommended for any player ages 6 and up. iPhone and iPad – Free

5: PlayTales
PlayTales is mobile collection of audiobooks for iOS and Android. These stories are interactive, involving users in the story. Included are puzzles, singalongs and coloring activities which would be great for any road-trip. New books are added every week, and are available in 8 different languages. They app educates young readers as well as inspires them! There are hundreds of tales they can read, from classics to more modern stories. PlayTales is recommended for children ages 4-12. iOS and Android devices – Free

6: Storia
Discover the awesome features designed to grow your child’s imagination. The Storia app will help you support a growing love for reading at home and in the classroom. This is a free Android app for kids to gain access to thousands of popular titles for all ages and reading levels.This is a great app for Summer Reading! It is recommended for any user ages 4 and up. Android App – Free

7: The Opposites

literacy apps for summer
The Opposites is an animated app that features a twin brother and sister who always disagree on everything. When you start up this app the twins shout opposing words in bubbles that float to the top of the screen. Users must be quick as a wink to select pairs of opposite words to make the bubbles disappear before too many words pile up and fill the screen. What’s great is the app also features a dictionary which helps kids familiarize with new vocabulary, definitions, and, of course, their antonyms. The Opposites is recommended to ages 6 and up. iPhone and iPad – $0.99

8: Endless Alphabet

literacy apps for summer
Endless Alphabet is an interactive educational app that teaches users new words and builds their vocabulary. A group of friendly monsters are available on screen to act out the definitions of each word once users spell it correctly.

The words range in difficulty, making it useful for early learners/readers and young elementary students as well. The animation is smooth and vivid which helps to keep users engaged in the app. It is recommended for children ages 4 to 10. iPhone and iPad – $6.99

9: Scribblenauts Remix

Scribblenauts Remix is a puzzle game which users solve by “summoning” a variety of objects, people, or animals into the game, simply by writing out the word. The little main character Maxwell, the main character, can then use or interact with these objects to complete the level. The game is awesome for kids with a vivid imagination because of how textual commands it recognizes. This game contains very mild violence and requires reading and writing skills, but is surely recommended to anyone who loves writing and is ages 8+. iPhone and iPad – $0.99

10: Find The Letters

screen480x480 (1)
This app as a combination of an early reading and color-by-numbers app. Users are presented a grid containing a number of different letters. In order to progress the user must color in each subject with the correct color crayon. Users may also compare their fastest times for each completed level, which will have them work to improve these scores over time. Find The Letters is recommended to any user ages 3 to 8. iPad – $4.99

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We’ve gathered lots of great articles on educational apps for kids. Be sure to check them out on our website here! Another great website to discover new apps for kids is on Top Best Apps for Kids. Do you have a favorite app that you’ll be downloading for your kids this year? Let us know!

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