Counting Down to the BIG ONE: KidLit TV’s Birthday Party | Website Redesign

KidLit TV has many more announcements to make as we count down to the BIG ONE! In our last article, we announced the launch of KidLit Radio. This week, we’re delivering another batch of exciting news. Are you ready? Up next:  KidLit TV’s first birthday party and our website design plans!

KidLit TV hosts its first birthday party

On November 16th, KidLit TV will host its first birthday party. And best of all, you are invited to attend via Periscope. Please visit our event page on Facebook to RSVP.

Throughout the evening, we’ll stream snippets of the festivities, so be sure to follow  @NYMediaWorks on Twitter for our announcements and follow @KidLitTV on the Periscope app. (Send us hearts. We love hearts!)

*Download Periscope for Android and iOS devices.
*Log into Periscope using your existing Twitter account.
*Visit @NYMediaWorks on Twitter and click on our announcements, “NYMediaWorks LIVE on Periscope,” to view the party, live!

For more information about Periscope, check out this video. (We think it’s cool!)

An introduction to using Periscope for live streaming video content

First birthday party charity partner revealed

KidLit TV embraces and encourages creativity and access to the arts, so it’s only natural we’ve teamed up with Tad Hills, John Lombardo and ArtWorks for Youth, an organization that provides free visual art instruction, academic support and mentoring to students in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

One of their many initiatives is called “Safe Passages,” which are paths between children’s homes and schools, which include public art.

We will sponsor a silent auction during the event where featured artwork created by kidlit illustrators will be available for purchase throughout the entire evening. Proceeds from all sales will benefit ArtWorks for Youth.

KidLit TV launches website redesign

As the first multimedia website designed to help parents and educators explore the world of children’s literature, KidLit TV is committed to making the site as welcoming as possible for kids, parents and teachers. To help us achieve this goal, our website will be getting a mini makeover. Soon, it will be even easier for schools and libraries to access KidLit TV’s resources.

All of this has been possible BECAUSE OF YOU! Your support has been amazing and we’ve grown because just like the kid lit community, we are a family.

KidLit TV helps our community of children’s book creators share their work with you!

Over the pass few months we’ve realized that kid lit creators could use our help making book trailers. KidLit TV will now host the first ever out-of-house book trailer service. Many publishers offer services for their clients, but if a publisher doesn’t or the author is self-published, KidLit TV is here to deliver a book trailer from them to you.

The Orphan: A Cinderella Story from Greece - Book Trailer


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