Holiday Travel Tips: Keep Kids Reading on the Go

Are you totally stumped on ways to keep your kids entertained during the hectic Holiday travel rush? We’re here to help!

Parenting bloggers Amy Mascott (Teach Mama) and Allison McDonald (No Time for Flashcards), authors of the recently released Raising a Rock-Star Readerhave provided some great games and activities to keep kids engaged – all while building their literacy skills – during the long plane, train or car ride this Thanksgiving. Not traveling? We even have a few tips to keep kids entertained during the “staycation” weekend.

From Scholastic:

First of all don’t forget to let kids play and entertain themselves. Every moment doesn’t have to be, and shouldn’t be, structured or educational. Play is educational. That said there are so many fun ways to slip reading in by what you pack and do yourself on the trip.

Pack books with you. Picture books in a carry-on or maybe an e-reader filled with a series are waiting to be devoured. If you don’t pack it they can’t read it, so make room for books in your bag!
Listen to an audio book on a road trip. This is a fun way to “read” a book together as a family.
Plan ahead and read a book that has been made into a film before your trip and watch it on the trip. After you are done watching don’t forget to compare the book to the film adaptation.
Read yourself. Being a reading role model is not optional, it’s something we as parents must do. Amy and I can’t stress this enough, it’s really important. You don’t have to be reading War and Peace to be a good role model. Just be an example of someone who reads for fun.

Check out this fun infographic!


Read more at Scholastic.

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