This Holiday I Pledge To #GiveBooks

Want to do something meaningful this Holiday season? Start by making a pledge to give books! Here’s what you need to know: Chronicle Books will donate a book to the non-profit First Book for every pledge, made by people like you, to give books this holiday season. This will be the fourth year in a row Chronicle Books has donated to First Book in this way. Last year they were able to donate 10,000 books! This year they hope to triple the donation to 30,000. These books will go all over the country to schools both big and small.

Want to know how to pledge? It’s super easy! Just use the hashtag #GiveBooks on all your favorite social media networks or visit Chronicle books will keep track of the pledges and will be coloring in a bookshelf as a nice visual for how the progress is going. Check often to watch the bookshelf get colored in as they get closer to their goal. This year’s campaign illustrations were done by none other than the amazing Steve McDonald who created the Fantastic Cities coloring book. Chonicle Books also have a printable bookshelf for you to color. Go wild and break out the markers, crayons or colored pencils and have some fun with this free printable. Posting your finished creation on social media will also count as a pledge. What color will your books be?

Here’s what Chonicle Books is saying:

We’re so proud to be able to grow this program year after year and continue to invest in the readers of tomorrow. If you’re reading this, it’s because someone long ago once gave you a book—now is a great time to think about giving that tremendous gift to someone else.

Find out more and get your coloring page at Chronicle Books.

Image source Chronicle Books.

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