Review: The Dance of Death

Thirteen year old Adam has big dreams of adventure. He wants to explore the world, but it’s the year 1348 and Adam’s world is restricted to Brampton, the small village where he lives with his parents and older brother, Will, and spends his days looking after sheep and playing with his friends.

The Dance of Death takes its title from a traditional story acted out by the villagers on All Hallows Eve, as a reminder that death will come to everyone one day. In this period of time, the 1300s, most people Adam knows die before they reach forty years of age. The Dance of Death is a story that gives Adam nightmares, and Will a chance to tease him. This year, it is a story more prophetic than anyone could imagine.

When Will is sent on a journey to London to deliver the estate reports to Philip de Mandeville, who owns the village, Adam’s jealousy gets the better of him and he stows away, only to be discovered when it’s too late to send him back.

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