Best New Picture Books and Novels

From The Guardian:

This bleak November, curl up with a story – whether about monkeys, Mary Poppins, sentient trains, revolutionary France or romance across borders.

For picture book lovers there is Pandora (Frances Lincoln), by the award-winning Victoria Turnbull, the tale of an inventive vixen who lives alone, “in a world of broken things”, until a wounded bird falls from the sky. Compelling detail, tender, subtle colouring, economical text and pure emotion – loneliness, grief, hope and eventual joy – add up to a book of quiet but considerable power.

There are more birds in Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick’s wordless Owl Bat Bat Owl (Walker), in which a family of owls squabble with the bats on their branch until a common peril unites them. Intensely expressive, humorous and touching, it invites the reader to turn the book upside down and see things from a bat perspective too.

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Image source The Guardian.

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