Books to Read Together on MLK Day

Everyone knows the name Martin Luther King Jr, he inspired many and continues to do so to this day. Books can be a great way to start an open dialog, so, in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr day, pick up a book and start a conversation with your child about Civil Rights and Dr. King.

Here at KidLit TV we have compiled some great resources to help you find the right book. There are so many wonderful stories out there, we want to help you find just the right one so you and the children in your life can enjoy reading together on this fine day.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Brightly has put together a post featuring 13 books that carry on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. They have separated out their recommendations into two lists, one for picture books and one for chapter books, to make what you are looking for simple.

From Brightly:

When I think about how to teach my children about Dr. King’s legacy, I think about using rich children’s books that echo King’s vision for a better future. Stories like these. Stories that prompt discussion.

Check out the lists at Brightly.

Pragmatic Mom, always creates great posts and recently she shared her son’s 4th grade Civil Rights Movement project on her blog, along with some reading recommendations.

From Pragmatic Mom:

In honor of Martin Luther King, Junior day, I wanted to share my son’s 4th grade Civil Rights Movement project. His teacher created a really great time line that I hope will be helpful as well.

Civil Rights Movement Unit for 4th Grade

You can check out the full blog post at Pragmatic Mom.

Scholastic has put together a teaching plan based on the biography I am Martin Luther King, Jr. Their post also provides you with ideas of other activities to promote learning about Dr. King and questions to get conversations started.

From Scholastic:

“I have a dream.” These words evoke one of the most famous speeches in American history, delivered by the great orator of the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King, Jr. This captivating biography provides an opportunity for students to learn about a great leader during a troubled time in American history and to practice identifying main idea and details. Activities engage students in listening to the “I Have a Dream” speech, presenting a play about Dr. King, and writing about their own dreams.

I Am #4: Martin Luther King Jr.

Get the full lesson plan at Scholastic.

We hope that these resources Inspire you to sit down with a child and read one or many of these books that promote Civil Rights, bravery and leadership.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!

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