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I like to encourage a love of reading in my children by making it more interesting and applicable to real-life.  Of course we enjoy fairy tales and fiction, but we also enjoy non-fiction and learning about the world.  We’re living here on the Emerald Isle, but we can still learn so much about  the world through books.  Today we’re sharing their experience with WE’RE SAILING DOWN THE NILE.

We're Sailing Down The Nile is a great book for children with lot of opportunity for enrichment activities
Books and crafts are two great bonding activities for the classroom or family. Get creative and imaginative with clay alongside We're Sailing Down the Nile.
Photo Credit: Castle View Academy

I really love the way authors and illustrators can create interesting stories that hold the attention of young children and also have something to be learned.  Barefoot Books are great for this.  They tell a story and at the end of the book there is additional information and activities that can enhance the learning experience.

Our activity for this book was to turn the children into potters and have them create beautiful pots and pendants using an easy white clay dough recipe.

Learning about ancient Egypt through books and crafts
Photo Credit: Castle View Academy

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