Easy Winter Science Activities With Ice and Snow for Kids

From The Educator’s Spin on It: Easy Winter Science Activities With Ice and Snow for Kids

Winter is here!  It’s the perfect time to explore winter science activities with your child as the temperatures drop below freezing or even a little help with your freezer.

Here are several playful ways to explore science with ice and snow with your child.

Winter Science ACtivities with Snow and Ice from The Educators' Spin On It

There’s no doubt that winter has arrived in the US, based on the temperatures the past week.

We were lucky enough to sneak away from Florida for the holidays to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and enjoy our own Winter Wonderland in their two snow storms.

It was the first time either of my girls had seen snow at ages 4 and 8 and honestly my 22 year old and husbands haven’t seen it much either so it was a special trip for all of us.

Usually, we have to pretend a bit down here in Florida with pretend snow fun. {Click here} or watch a few snow videos

The Vij Family Sledding Winter Fun at The Educators' Spin On It

Did you see the images we shared on instagram from our recent snow adventures? {Click Here} Even I braved the hill after far too many years to count.

What is your favorite outdoor activity in the snow?

Of course, we wanted to bring a little bit of the snow and cold home with us so here are a few activities to hopefully remind us of all the fun and learn a little bit at the same time.

Winter Science Activities For Kids

How to make a Frozen Bubble

How to Make a Frozen Bubble from Housing a Forest

Fishing for Ice Science Experiment

Fishing for Ice by The Science Kiddo

Make it Grow Ice Experiment for Kids

Read on for the full list of Easy Winter Science Activities With Ice and Snow for Kids on The Educator’s Spin on It.

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