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LAUGH IT UP! with Marvin Terban

Laugh it Up! with Marvin Terban |  How to make up a joke!

Get ready to get the giggles with author, teacher, and jokester Marvin Terban! Join Marvin for a lesson in funny through his new book LAUGH IT UP. This guide to wordplay teaches kids the secrets to cracking smart jokes that will have their classroom in stitches!

ABOUT the Book

Why did the farmer spray his chickens with perfume? Because he couldn’t stand the FOWL smell!
What do you get if you cross a cow and two ducks? Milk and QUACKERS!
Why do you wear two pairs of pants to play golf? In case you get a HOLE IN ONE!
Have you ever wondered what makes jokes like these funny? It’s wordplay, of course! With this book, you’ll discover the secret to cracking jokes using homonyms, idioms, and double meanings. Before long, you’ll be able to turn everyday words into sidesplitting jokes!

ABOUT Marvin

Marvin Terban is a longtime teacher and best-selling children’s book author. Called a “master of children’s wordplay” by ALA Booklist and “Mr. English for Kids” by the Children’s Book-of-the-Month Club, he has written over thirty-nine books for young readers and teachers, most of them about the English language. He is Scholastic’s “Professor Grammar.” He was born in Massachusetts and got his start as an author with a book that he wrote and drew in the first grade about a fuzzy green dragon. His first writing job was a weekly column for his local newspaper when he was in high school. He was also the editor of his high school newspaper and literary magazine.
He and his wife Karen live in New York City across from a park and have two children and two grandchildren. His grandchildren live in the country and have a dog named Nacho and two pet pigs in their backyard named Pickles and Eileen. Marvin loves to be a teacher and an author, read, take walks in Central Park, go to movies and shows, travel to places around the world, meet his readers at school visits, and best of all, spend time with his family and friends.

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