30 Healthy Road Trip Snacks For Kids

From Our Globetrotter: 30 Healthy Road Trip Snacks For Kids

I’m not gonna lie, I’m the type who’d happily like to binge on a big family share pack of sweets when we’re on a long road trip.

lunch box full of healthy food

But as any well-travelled mamma will tell you, there’s definitely a point where you’ll regret giving your kids too much sugar on long journey’s.

As I am looking to vastly improve my own healthy snacking habits this year, I have been researching what is best for the kids too, both for convinence and easy to access (trust me, not all countries are the same when it comes to snack food availability!).

And we know there are fussy eaters too. We have that one who will seriously only eat one brand of rice cake!  We hope this guide will help you plan ahead for even your fussiest ones when trying to prepare a road trip snack bag to please the whole family.

Our Top 30 Road Trip Travel Snacks

Dry cereal

Am I the only one whose kids actually prefer their cereal with no milk? I can’t stand the idea but they love it! Cheerios with Honey have proven a favourite (other’s call them O’s) but they’ll even much away on rice crispies, corn flakes.

Granola bars

An oldie but a goldie, sadly only one of mine will eat them so I’ve not taken to baking them myself but these are packed full of good energy food. Bake your own to the perfect mix, or shop bought is also fine, just check how much added sugar is in them.

healthy snacks granola bars

Squeezable yogurt tube

Have them from the fridge or freeze them overnight ready for an icy treat. These are easy shop bought but be warned depending on the age group can be messy!

Another super easy win for the road, you can buy in small individual packets, but the cost does significantly add up. Its worth a few minutes to divide them into your own containers, and you can mix them to trail mix too (see below).

String cheese

Ok these are a little too processed for my liking and I feel a lot of plastic waste, but needs must this one is a snack box filler that they can have some fun with. Great for little ones practising their fine motor skills and packed with protein.

Squeezy fruit packets

Don’t think that this is just the domain of baby food, no these handy little packets can also suit your toddlers and little kids for a quick and easy meal on the go. They are TSA approved as well if you’re looking for little treats on a flight.

Mixed nuts

Individual snack size or a family share bag, these are a great filling snack.  Just be aware of packets that are over salted, not ideal for kids.  And nuts are a no-no sharing transport with others such as on a plane.

NB – make sure you’ve given your kids nuts before travelling!


Not just a fun treat at Japanese restaurants, these are really becoming a mainstream snack now. High in iron, protein and fibre, this superfood snack can keep hands busy – just be prepared for where the scraps go if they’re fresh! (Though you can also buy just the beans in packets now – takes away some of the fun but a lot cleaner!).

Dried fruit

Finally, something my Mr Fussy DOES love, probably because they are so naturally full of sugar but he has wised up that they are fruit so allowed in Mum’s health snack regime! All in moderation to avoid upset tums – try apricots, mango, apple, pear, pineapple.

Trail mix

A step on from the dry cereal, trail mix is where you can add some filling extras such as choc chips, coconut, raisins, and a variety of nuts and fruits – cranberries are great! We make a big bag of the basics then each kid can add their favourite extras to their own little snack bag.

Read on for the full list of 30 Healthy Road Trip Snacks For Kids on Our Globetrotter.

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