Creativity Corner Quick Crafts: Making Clay Dots

In today’s Creativity Corner, Terry Shay has another quick craft in preparation for International Dot Day to help you keep creating all summer!

How to make Clay Dots

I have been having fun since school has been out making dots in different ways. One way that’s particularly fun is with clay. Here is a quick tutorial on making and curing clay dots. Below see the Celebridot that Susan Eaddy made with clay and a link to her website and YouTube channel!!

Creativity Corner Quick Craft   Clay Dots

Making Clay Dots

What You Need:
• Polymer clay
• A rolling device
• A round cookie/clay cutter
• Polymer oven
• Bead maker

More Clay Resources

Susan Eaddy and Julie Hedlund with Rocco Staino on StoryMakers.

Susan Eaddy’s Celebridot 

Susan Eaddy’s YouTube channel

Susan Eaddy’s Website

Connect with Susan on Twitter.

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Kid Lit TV Commenter Susan Eaddy

T.J. Shay these are some awesome dots! I love the multi colors & your ingenious drying rack! Thank you for your shout-out. I am honored to be mentioned in your Creativity Corner.

Kid Lit TV Commenter Luciana

It was a really cool thing you did with the clay, I’m going to try it!! :)


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