Fold an Easy Origami Sumo and the Tokyo Olympics

From Multicultural Kid Blogs: Fold an Easy Origami Sumo and the Tokyo Olympics

The Tokyo Olympics are postponed for one year but we can still learn about Japanese culture. Did you know that sumo was being considered as an exhibition sport for the Tokyo Olympics? Sumo wasn’t chosen because only a few countries with a sizeable Japanese ex-pat population had sumo. Karate was chosen instead. But I think it’s safe to say that the Tokyo Olympics will show sumo as part of sports to showcase Japanese culture.

I wrote a picture book, Sumo Joe, about two martial arts — sumo and aikido — featuring a big brother and little sister who square off in a ring made of pillows. I wanted to show that sumo is a sport with a long history rooted in the Shinto religion and in Japanese culture.

Sumo Joe Tokyo olympics | Multicultural kid blogs

The sumo tradition was also rooted in gender discrimination, but that is changing. Women and girls now participate, both training and competing in sumo around the world. Girls in Japan even learn sumo as part of Physical Education in school! There’s even a documentary movie about it, Little Miss Sumo! Here’s the trailer.

Today, I would like to show you how to fold an easy Origami sumo. You don’t need anything special for this, not even origami paper. I’ll show you how to make this from regular copy paper.

fold an easy origami sumo Tokyo olympics
Photo Credit:Mia Wenjen

What You Will Need

  • copy paper
  • scissors
  • glue (stick glue or regular glue)
  • black marker

Read on for the full instructions for Fold an Easy Origami Sumo and the Tokyo Olympics on Multicultural Kid Blogs.

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