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Written by Bill Martin Jr and Michael Sampson
Illustrated by Nathalie Beauvois

No need to get squirrely–practicing classic rhythm and rhyme while teaching children to count has never been more fun! Ten Little Squirrels by New York Times bestselling authors Bill Martin Jr. and Michael Samson follows the “tail” of these furry friends as they determine what to do when a dog approaches their tree. Readers can enjoy the charming illustrations, count each of the colorful squirrels, and go nuts rereading to their hearts’ content. Following ten squirrels through their inquisitive decision-making process as they decide whether to stay or flee an approaching human and dog is a delightful story time read that engages children in thoughtful imagination while learning playful verse from expert storytellers.

ABOUT Bill Martin Jr and Michael Sampson

Beloved New York Times bestselling authors Bill Martin Jr and Michael Sampson are reputable among the educational community for their nostalgic collection of picture books that provide excellent resources for language teaching and learning English language arts.
Though Bill Martin Jr passed in 2004, he left behind a number of unpublished works that he and Michael Sampson co-authored together. There was an instant reader, Ten Little Squirrels previously published by Holt in 1967, but Bill and Michael took that work and rewrote it, giving it new words to which we have applied completely new illustrations. The new edition is published by Brown Books Kids!

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