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By Isabelle Arsenault

Just One Little Light
Written by Kat Yeh, illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault

Each project is an opportunity for me to explore a new visual language that will allow the story to come to life. For Just One Little Light, it was about bringing light out through the darkness. I represented this as if dark clouds were blocking the sun, therefore, hiding all the colors.

To render the dark clouds in my illustrations, I used charcoal powder, a material that is a bit toxic and messy – I don’t recommend using it! But I had fun diluting it in water and applying it with a brush, to give it sinuous shapes which were superimposed, in transparency, to the background colors painted with gouache.

Your turn, now!

1. Begin by drawing a sun with your colored pencil on a piece of card stock.2. Use charcoal sticks to draw around some clouds. 3. Then, you can blend some spots with a tissue to create soft fluffy clouds.
4. You can also use a brush and water to wet some other parts and see how the charcoal reacts.

5. Don’t be shy! Use your fingers if you want. Press harder on your charcoal stick to create darker areas, adding more contrast to your drawing.

I like to mix different textures and be surprised when I work. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! Sometimes, the result is not what I imagined, but often, it allows me to learn new techniques and above all, to have fun.

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