Self-Published Books Are Fit to Print at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Self-Publishing is nothing to thumb your nose at. Both new and established authors are publishing books without the assistance of traditional imprints. Getting a deal, or having earlier works published can be difficult, so self-publishing gives creatives the opportunity to reach readers on their own terms.  The 2014 Frankfurt Book Fair devoted a whole day to the topic, on its Publishing Perspectives stage.

“I think it is the best thing that could have happened,” said fair director Juergen Books when asked his impression of the self-publishing boom. “A lot of people want to write, and now they have the ability to find readers. And for publishers, this is great place to find new talent, a great way to do market research, and a great way to see what people really want to publish. Fan fiction became Fifty Shades of Grey.” Books said the fair will devote increasing attention to this sector in the coming years. “I think this is a huge opportunity.”

Get the full story at Publishers Weekly.

Image  via United Press

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