Ikea Foundation’s Education Initiative

Nothing is more awesome for a kid than curling up in bed with mom, or dad, their favorite stuffed animal, and a book. However, not all children have that luxury which is why the purchase of a soft toy or children’s book from Ikea during the period of 11/9/14 – 1/3/15 will garner a donation of $1 to Save the Children, and UNICEF. Pink Oatmeal blogger Chanda reveals why she feels strongly about every child getting a proper education, and why it is important to support the Ikea Foundation’s initiative.

Every night before my little man goes to bed we read books. We sit cuddled up with blankets and toys to read his favorite stories. Reading is no only one of our favorite ways to wind down at night, but it builds a foundation for continued interest in books, language and education. This weekend we have a new soft toy to cuddle with when we read our books. Not only do we have a new soft toy, but thanks to the Ikea Foundation we are also giving back to education by helping out those children that don’t have the same educational opportunities as us.

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