Unlikely Ally: How ‘Orange is the New Black’ is Promoting Early Literacy

Imagine you’re Stephen Massey and you’re the senior manager of media and corporate partnerships for “Too Small to Fail”, a program that encourages reading, talking and singing to your child 0-3 years old. Would you think to reach out to Univision and have them tap their script writers and integrate in your positive messaging into top television shows? Based on research for what parents needed the message most, that’s exactly what Massey did as part of the “Too Small to Fail” project!

They’re developing that one yet so I haven’t seen it. Stay tuned! We’ve worked with script writers and producers on some obvious shows like “Parenthood” or “Modern Family” where you’d expect that to be an easy message to integrate. But we’ve also been in some shows you wouldn’t expect, like “Orange Is the New Black” and “Criminal Minds.” Turns out that it’s good TV.

– Stephen Massey on what programs are embracing needed messaging

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