‘The Giver’: The Children’s Book Almanac

Before the Hunger Games and Divergent there was Lois Lowry’s The Giver, which some consider to be the first dystopian young adult science-fiction novel. It struck a nerve in the 1990’s when it hit the shelves and is still going strong with a major motion picture coming out soon. One reason Lowry’s book has stood out:

Lowry has always had the greatest respect for her audience, believing children capable of understanding complex issues. Hence, she challenged them in The Giver to think about the society presented in the book and their own world. This provocative and haunting book lingers in the memory of all those who pick it up—one of those rare books that changes the way its readers look at reality.

To find out more about The Giver, check out the full story on the Children’s Book Almanac!

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