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KidLit TV | StoryMakers with Betsy Bird  PART 2

KidLit TV | StoryMakers with Betsy Bird PART 2

The conversation continues…
Watch Part 2 of Rocco’s interview with über-librarian Betsy Bird!

– Betsy announces her predictions for the Newbery and Caldecott.
– Rocco and Betsy resurrect the “Worst Children’s Book” award.
– Betsy tells us what she really thinks about celebrity’s children’s books.

Betsy Bird is in the running for KidLit TV’s


Poop when done well is delightful. –– Betsy Bird

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Connect with Betsy:
Website: Betsy Bird Books
Betsy’s blog at School Library Journal: Fuse8 Productions
Twitter @FuseEight

From Betsy Bird Books:


Wild Things: Acts of Mischief in Children’s Literature

by Betsy Bird, Julie Danielson, and Peter D. Sieruta

Did Laura Ingalls cross paths with a band of mass murderers? Why was a Garth Williams bunny tale dubbed “integrationist propaganda”? For adults who are curious about children’s books and their creators, here are the little-known stories behind the stories. A treasure trove of information for a student, librarian, new parent, or anyone wondering about the post-Harry Potter book biz, Wild Things! draws on the combined knowledge and research of three respected and popular librarian-bloggers. Told in affectionate and lively prose, with numerous never-before-collected anecdotes, this book chronicles some of the feuds and fights, errors and secret messages found in children’s books and brings contemporary illumination to the warm-and-fuzzy bunny world we think we know.

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Children’s Literature Gems: Choosing and Using them in your Library Career

by Elizabeth Bird 

​Master the huge array of quality children’s books from the past and the present with this must-have resource from children’s librarian Elizabeth Bird. With her strong passion for children’s books and the profession, Bird will help you: build and manage your children’s collection; strike a balance between award winners and classics; arrange your space to best showcase and display books; review the basics of storytime, storytelling, and booktalking; and, add the 100 children’s books that belong in every library. “Children’s Literature Gems” is about managing and caring for a part of the library devoted to children who love good books and is a must for every children’s librarian – new or experienced!

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Kid Lit TV Commenter Anika Denise

Fun interview! Looking forward to reading WILD THINGS! Thanks, Betsy Bird and KidLitTV!

Kid Lit TV Commenter missrumphius

Love this book and can’t wait to see if Betsy’s book award predictions come true!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Danielle Hammelef

What a great resource and fun too–learning is so much better with laughter. Thanks for sharing!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Yvonne Mes

Thanks for the interview, Betsy. Looking forward to seeing how accurate your predictions are :-)

Kid Lit TV Commenter Jill Nadler

I’m looking forward to meeting (and learning from) Betsy at the Complete Picture Book Workshop at the Writing Barn in April!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Betsy Bird

Thank you for all the kind words! And should anyone be interested, I’ll be talking in much the same manner over at SLJ’s PreGame/PostGame show right before and after the Newbery/Caldecott Award announcements on Monday morning.

This post has all the info and shows me dancing last year with my co-host to the ALA hold music: http://www.slj.com/2015/01/events/betsy-bird-returns-to-host-sljs-youth-media-awards-pre-game-and-post-game-show/

Thank you again, Julie, for having me on your show!

Kid Lit TV Commenter J Gribble

Loved the pre and post show coverage — particularly the dance number!

It was a joy to have you on the show, Betsy!


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