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Kim Vij is a certified educator, experienced teacher, and currently is a work-at-home mom. She’s one busy, hard-working woman who’s always on the run whether in the real or virtual world. We are pleased to have Kim Vij on our team, overseeing our Pinterest boards. And you, our followers, love her for it, too! She’s more than tripled our followers and we’re having tons of fun. If you haven’t already, check out Kim’s fabulous KidLit TV boards!

Kim is the co-founder and marketing director of The Educators’ Spin On It a fun and interactive blog that includes all kinds of resources for parents and teachers. “Making everyday moments into teachable opportunities” is the focus of The Educators’ Spin On It. Some of the fun activity ideas you can find are all about reading, math, science, literacy, cooking, gardening, crafting, writing, and learning a second language for Ages 0 to 8. Kim’s Pinterest board is full of fantastic resources for parents. In fact, the Educators’ Spin On It was awarded “Best on Pinterest” in Parents Magazine 

Educators-spin-on-it-final-epsIn addition to The Educator’s Spin On It, Kim has co-organized:

  • The Virtual Book Club for Kids, each month focuses on a different author and/or illustrator. This month’s featured author/illustrator is XYZ.
  • Virtual Summer Camp, a book themed Summer Camp that supplies parents with a list of theme based book suggestions, loads of fun activities and crafts to help you and your little campers have thrilling adventures and make lasting memories during summer vacation.
  • Summer Look Books Swap , parents exchange books and activities with each other and share their experiences on their blogs.
  • TeacherFriends Twitter Chat a weekly twitter chat for teachers that highlights leading experts in education as guests discussing important educational topics to discuss each week with participants.
vbc summer camp 2015

Kim is also a freelance writer whose articles have been published online and in magazines including a feature in Parents Magazine. Some of her stories and articles include:

As a Pinfluencer Kim has successfully partnered with leading children’s educational bloggers and trademarks to create influential boards for early childhood education.

“We believe that parents are their children’s first and most important teacher,” Kim said.

She has created many award-winning Pinterest Boards focusing pins on education and parenting, has over 1.6 Million followers, launched her own Pinterest consulting business and often attends conferences to speak to business owners and bloggers about how to maximize their efforts on Pinterest.

Click here to read and listen to additional Pinterest interviews with Kim.

To learn more about Kim read the KidLit.TV interview:

What are you working on right now?
I’m working on a book that will feature games for kids at home and school with my cofounder at The Educators’ Spin On It, Amanda Boyarshinov.  I’m also getting ready to host the 3rd Virtual Book Club Summer Camp which launches on June 15for 3 weeks featuring book themed activities for kids ages 2-5. Next up is a Pinterest book!
How much research do you do?
The advantage on pinning quite a few kids activities on Pinterest each day is that it’s continual research in my focused fields of early childhood education and Pinterest. Plus having two kids in my house inspire me daily.
Why do you think it’s important for kids to read?
Reading is the tool that can take you anywhere in life.  Having a love for it will create a lifelong journey with literature
What do you do to support the kid lit community?
Much of the content on my website, The Educators’ Spin On It, is based on creating activities to go along with kid lit books.  Plus we share reading pins onto our Pinterest board with our 1.6 Million followers. Monthly I cohost a Virtual Book Club for Kids with parents and teachers on our website plus a Virtual Summer Camp each summer for the past 3 years.  I enjoy pinning kid lit content onto the KidLit.TV Pinterest Boards.
What does it mean to you to be part of the KidLit.TV team?
Books are my love and finding ways to help children learn to read is my passions, I am thrilled to be a part of this group connecting authors and illustratos with teachers, parents and most importantly children.
What activities do you do with kids?
I spent 10 years in a Kindergarten classroom and now am at home daily with my daughters. I work at home writing kids activities for The Educators’ Spin On It, Melissa and Doug and Sylvan Learning as well as other publications on and offline.
How important is diversity to you?
Raising children who celebrate diversity is a goal as a parent.  Exploring and learning with my children various cultures is something we share with our readers on our website and in our pins on Pinterest.

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