Tanya Landman: It was a Horrible Period in US History and I Really Wanted to be Honest About It

What was the most shocking thing you uncovered when you were writing it?

There were so many things that turned me inside out! The cruelty and violence that was inflicted on African-Americans for a hundred years following the US civil war is horrifying.

One of our reviewers Isaac260 has specifically noticed (and loved) the language in Buffalo soldier, and its voice. Was it difficult to find that voice?

Actually, no it wasn’t. I could hear Charley very clearly in my head the whole time I was writing.

Were you (or your editors) worried over having so much swearing and violence in the book?

It was a horrible period in US history and I really wanted to be honest about it, so no – I felt I had to reflect accurately what was going on. There’s no glorification of the violence and a lot of it is very understated. War is horrific, and I think it’s important to show it how it is.

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