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Are you looking for book gift ideas for Christmas this year? You’re not alone! Many parents have the rule of giving their kids something they need, something they want, and something to read. If you’re hunting for just the right literary gift for your kiddo, be sure to check out these ideas. Of course, we think that a picture book stands on its own as a wonderful gift, but if you’re looking for a combo-gift, we’ve got you covered. These are perfect picture book gift ideas for your own kids, nieces, nephews, cousins…every young child on your list!

In this article you’ll find seven combinations of picture book gift ideas. While you can take any of these ideas straight from us, we’re hoping these provide a jumping off point for you to go out and come up with your own awesome gift theme.

“Boy + Bot”

Oh, the colors! Oh, the simplicity! We couldn’t be more pleased to share “Boy and Bot“, a collaboration by two of our favorite people: Dan Yaccarino (illustrator) and Ame Dyckman (author). Parents love the contemporary style and kids love the humor in this story of a boy and the robot he discovers.

Picture Book Gift Ideas "Boy and Bot"

Besides the obvious adorable nature of this book, we love that it’s easily combined with a toy or other item like a wooden rocket ship or a robot sleeping bag. Any merchandise with a robot theme will be a great companion to “Boy and Bot”.

For a craft that’s perfect to do during the winter break, check out the mini robots on Caravan Shoppe. The Caravan Shoppe sells the printables for the robots and they also break down the instructions and everything you need to purchase (blocks, magnets, etc.). Be sure to give yourself enough time for shipping so you can wrap up everything as a “kit” for Christmas. This is great picture book gift idea if you have more than one kiddo at home because each child can make their own robot.

“Two Mice”

Two Mice” reminds us that the author and illustrator, Sergio Ruzzier, is a classical master. His art is impeccable with a touch of nostalgia. This book, “Two Mice“, is for kids learning to count. As you read and explore the illustrations, kids will follow two mice on their adventures and master counting from one to three.

Two Mice

Because this is a counting book, consider pairing it with other learning toys, like these animal nesting boxes. Or a plush animal, like this vintage inspired crocheted mouse on Etsy, would be cuddly and adorable (how cute would this be on a shelf?!).

“Marvelous Cornelius: Hurricane Katrina and the Spirit of New Orleans”

Marvelous Cornelius” is based on a real street sweeper in New Orleans. With the bright colors of John Parra’s illustrations matched with Phil Bildner’s words, the rhythm and excitement of New Orleans is brought to life. We were fortunate to have John Parra sit down with us at KidLit TV. Don’t miss his reading of “Marvelous Cornelius” with your kids or classroom!

Marvelous Cornelius

Music and New Orleans are synonymous. So when looking for something to combine with this book, a musical toy would be perfect. Or try out a Jazz CD for kids. Anything musically related, especially if it’s Jazz,  will make this book extra special.

“Have You Seen My Monster?”

Can you think of 20 shapes? It gets difficult at the half-way mark! In “Have You Seen My Monster“, kids search out a dragon at a carnival (kind of like a simplified “Where’s Waldo”). However, there’s another level of learning in this book. Kids will be introduced to 20 shapes! We love this book particularly for parents who have a child preschool/Kindergarten and a 1st/2nd/3rd grader. The younger child can be introduced to the shapes and the older kids can be mastering the more complicated shapes. With Common Core, this shape learning at home will reinforce what many children are learning in the classroom. Plus, Steve Light is an amazing artist. His books are a joy to dive into!

Have You Seen My Monster

We love geometric brainteasers to accompany this book, especially this simplified puzzle for early learners. Another option is to find other monster-inspired toys, like these monster hand stickers.

“Mix It Up”

Hervé Tullet has taken the picture book world by storm. He’s been on the NYT Best Seller list for years with his picture books. His most recent book, “Mix It Up“, has inspired several online crafts, teacher lessons and fun moments at home between parents and children all over the world. Be sure to watch Tullet read “Mix It Up” on KidLit TV!

Mix It Up

We reviewed one of our favorite online DIY gift crafts that incorporates “Mix It Up” on our website. But if you don’t have the time to put together this craft, you have lots of other options. We love combining this book with any art supplies, like an inexpensive art kit for beginning artists. 

“Maria Had a Little Llama”

If you love rhyming books, be sure to check out Angela Dominguez’s book “Maria Had a Little Llama“. This book is a Peruvian twist on “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and each verse is in English and also in Spanish. Your kiddos will be immersed in the Peruvian hillside and culture in these award winning illustrations.

Picture Book Gift Ideas "Maria Had a Little Llama"

Who knew that Etsy had such an amazing array of kid-friendly Llama inspired art?! Consider getting an adorable piece of artwork for your child’s room to go along with this book. Or if you’re wanting something more traditional, you can’t go wrong with a soft, plush llama.

“To The Sea”

To the Sea” by Cale Atkinson is a sweet book done in a trilogy of colors: navy, teal and orange. It’s about a lonely boy who makes a new friend named Sam. And Sam just happens to be a whale! Learn how the little boy, Tim, learns about friendship (and he might even meet another new friend at the end of the story!). Many shy or introverted kids especially relate to this story.

 Picture Book Gift Ideas "To the Sea"

We  found this fabulous giant whale on Land of Nod that looks like it was made to go with this book. If the large whale is out of your budget, don’t miss the smaller version of the plush whale. Rain boots or jacket would also be a clever gift combo with this book.

If you have any other picture book gift ideas, we’d love to hear them. Please share your ideas with us below!

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