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StoryMakers | Aram Kim's CAT ON THE BUS!

StoryMakers with Aram Kim CAT ON THE BUS

StoryMakers’ host Rocco Staino interviews author and illustrator Aram Kim, the creator of Cat On The Bus! Young readers will have fun looking for clues in this picture book!

Aram started creating art at a young age; she loved drawing princesses and horses, and coloring! However, once she entered high school, she stopped focusing on art to study math and science.

When she returned to America, she picked up her old talent and created art over and over again! Aram’s picture book was inspired by a photo she found on the internet. It was a cat staying warm on a bus during a cold, harsh winter. The photo warmed Aram’s heart so much that she created her story: Cat On The Bus!

An now, YOU can suggest a name for the spotted cat in Cat On The Bus! Leave a message for Aram in the comment section below!

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Cat on the Bus Written and illustrated by Aram Kim. This nearly wordless book uses  striking bold illustrations to tell the story of a homeless cat who meets an grandfather on a bus and finally finds a home. A cat enters a grocery store in search of food, but the proprietor shoos her away. A bus approaches offering shelter, but the large-handed, scary-faced driver shouts SCRAM when another bus approaches, the cat runs in with a WHOOSH! The cat meets a grandfatherly gentleman who changes the cat’s circumstances forever.

ABOUT ARAM KIM Aram Kim is a New York-based children’s book author/illustrator. She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and when she was two, her family moved back to South Korea. When Aram grew up, she came to New York to study illustration. She is currently living in Queens, NY, where she is happily surrounded by diverse food and culture. She has been working for various publications and participating in numerous exhibitions and collaboration projects.

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