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StoryMakers On Location: Michael Merschel at TLA

StoryMakers On Location: Michael Merschel at TLA

Middle school can get pretty hectic sometimes, especially if you’re social misfit Clark Sherman. Author Michael Merschel captures the hardships and fun of middle school by taking you on this journey filled with Jedi mind tricks and TV show knowledge. StoryMakers host, Rocco Staino, chats with Michael about REVENGE OF THE STAR SURVIVORS a middle grade series your kids will not only relate to, but share with all of their friends.



Middle school meets the Dark Side in this painfully funny survival story of social misfit Clark Sherman. When Clark crash-lands on the inhospitable planet of Festus Middle School, he soon learns the natives don’t take kindly to newcomers . . . particularly ones who practice Jedi mind tricks and follow nerdy TV shows like Star Survivors. As he faces a conspiring group of violent bullies, browbeaten teachers and a fiendish principal, Clark knows he’ll be lucky just to survive eighth grade.
Then, hope appears on the horizon: there is Les, the enigmatic boy who seems to disappear at will; Ricki, a fellow Star Survivors fan; and the independent-minded librarian, Ms. Beacon. When Clark and his newfound allies are imperiled, he gathers his courage and the consequences of his actions ripple through the galaxy in life-altering ways.



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