13 Kids Books About Empathy

Raising empathetic kids is important for our classrooms and communities at large. Surprisingly, empathy is not a natural trait, it is something we must teach our children. We at KidLitTV recognize just how important it is to instill an empathetic mindset in our children early on. Children who learn about empathy will be able to connect easily with others and will also help to create and maintain an understanding and excepting community. Tinybop has put together a list of picture books that center around the idea of empathy.  The books compiled in this list will help promote conversations about this important social subject.

From Tinybop:

There are many ways to instill empathy. One way to do this – beyond demonstrating empathy — is to read books that touch on the subject and spark a conversation about what it means to be empathetic. The following is a list of books to help you do just that.

See the entire list at Tinybop.

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