How to Turn Kids into Bookworms

From The Guardian:

It began in front of a log fire after a convivial dinner with friends and neighbours, Ted and Carol Hughes. I was grumbling about the lack of attention and credit generally given in the adult world to children’s books. Hughes, poet laureate at the time, said something like: “A fine children’s book is as important and worthwhile as any kind of literature, and maybe more so.

How to Turn Kids into Bookworms
Photo Credit: The Guardian

Read and love a great story or poem when you’re young and the chances are that you’ll become a reader for life, and maybe a writer or an artist. Something should be done.”

“You’re the poet laureate,” I ventured, “maybe we should have a children’s laureate?”

It was a throwaway line. Then he said: “Why not? Let’s do it.” So the laureate story began, and took shape.

Read on for insights from Julia Donaldson, Lauren Child, Chris Riddell, and 7 other children’s poet laureates on The Guardian.

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