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From Multicultural Kid Blogs: How To Save Over $5,000 – And Travel The World

How does a family afford travel? They save money for international travel, which is a hallmark of multicultural families.  Find out 5 tips for how to save for international travel! Our family believes that travel is one of the best investments we can make in our kids. When we travel with our young children, we open their eyes to the world around them. They learn about other languages, other customs, other types of foods, and they make new friends from around the world!

How To Save Over $5,000 – And Travel The World
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Tip: Use community resources

Almost every community has resources- they just might look different! For example, where I live in Denver, we have great recreational center systems and an excellent library system. I save so much money each year by checking books out of the library instead of buying them. Some towns I know of have toy libraries where kids can check out a different toy every few weeks- others have subsidized school fees or inexpensive farmer’s markets.

The moral of the story is that it’s important to find free community resources that can replace something you buy and don’t use very often. For example- I read 4 novels a month. At about $20 each novel, that would be an $80 a month spending habit that I have eliminated by using the public library instead. Total savings-  $960 a year (minimum)

For the rest of the tips on How To Save Over $5,000 – And Travel The World, read on at Multicultural Kid Blogs.

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