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StoryMakers in the Kitchen with Tom Angleberger DIDI DODO FUTURE SPY

StoryMakers in the Kitchen with Tom Angleberger DIDI DODO FUTURE SPY

Chocolate chip cookies made with tuna juice?! It’s fish and chips as you’ve never seen it before! Find out what else Rocco and Tom Angleberger are cooking up in the StoryMakers Kitchen while celebrating the launch of the newest book in the DIDI DODO series, DIDI DODO FUTURE SPY!

ABOUT the Book

A chapter-book series spin-o from Inspector Flytrap by New York Times bestselling author Tom Angleberger!
This hilarious chapter book mystery series stars Didi Dodo, the daring spy-in-training, and Koko Dodo, Didi’s reluctant sidekick. In Robo-Dodo Rumble, Koko Dodo’s cookie shop is facing some stiff competition from an evil robotic dodo (a Robo Dodo). The Robo Dodo is selling its cookies for only a penny! Why? To put Koko’s shop out of business! And if that weren’t bad enough, a giant sea monster starts destroying the town! But don’t worry. Didi Dodo has a daring plan.
From the mind of the inimitable Tom Angleberger, this wacky caper promises high-speed chases and big belly laughs. The book takes place in the same world as Inspector Flytrap but does not require knowledge of the previous series.


I have no particular interest in forcing you to hear about me, but I am getting So many requests from kids writing book reports that I’ve finally decided to write a bio…
Tom Angleberger NOT Anglebooger!!!!!!!!
Age: secret
Birthday: Oct. 24
Location: secret
Toothpaste: secret
Home state: Virginia
Security Clearance: AlphaShadow1
Pen of Choice: Pilot G2 gel roller! 1.0 used for everyday doodling, .7 used for illustrating the Origami Yoda
Previous occupations: newspaper reporter and columnist, juggler, weed boy, lawn mower part assembler, biology research assistant (bug larvae and plant diseases)
Current occupation: author and illustrator, keeper of origamiyoda.com (with Webmaster Sam)
First novel: Begun in 8th grade, never completed.
Published or about to be published novels: Qwikpick, Stonewall, Origami Yoda, Horton Halfpott, Darth Paper, Fake Mustache, Secret of the [[top secret]].
Spouse: author and illustrator Cece Bell!
Tom sez: “I’m not necessarily all that creative. I’m more of a puzzle putter together. I take all these little puzzle pieces — Yoda, middle school problems, Cheetos — and I fuss and fuss with them until I fit them together. Inspirations: Star Wars, Fumiaki Kawahata, Daniel Pinkwater, my own personal social disasters…
SuperPower: Aspergers!


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